Ana Naumescu

Hey there! My name is Ana Preda-Naumescu and I am currently a senior pre-medical student majoring in Biology at the University of Alabama. I first got involved with Dr. Earley’s integrative animal behavior lab my sophomore year. Since then I have realized that research is much more than pipettes and test tubes: it is a process of discovery. During my time in the Earley laboratory I have been a part of Grace Scarsella’s undergraduate team. Together we study the mangrove rivulus in hopes of understanding mechanisms of environmental sex determination and sex change. As we work towards linking the pieces of the genotypic/phenotypic jigsaw puzzle, I am excited to be able to share our experience in the lab, and our findings, with a broader audience!

Unfortunately, this will be my last year in Dr. Earley’s lab. Although I am graduating in the spring, my education will be far from over. Within the following year, I plan on attending medical school and fulfilling my aspiration to work as a physician in underserved communities. Although it may seem like it, my life is not all science and school. In my free time I love going to the arboretum with my dog, Simba, traveling, hiking, and watching movies!

Grace Scarsella

Grace is a Master’s student in the Earley Lab, and collaborates with me to create and edit the fun content of this site! She plans to graduate in May of 2017 and pursue a career in environmental non-profits/ community outreach. In her free time, she loves to hike, kayak, and read.